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Careers at Aerofab


Position: CNC Machinist (Setup and Operator)



The CNC Machinist is responsible for operation of 3, 4, and 5 Axis Milling machines. Applicant must be able to setup and operate milling machines used for the fabrication of Spacecraft and Aerospace parts to a high degree of competency. This includes entering and running CNC programs, monitoring tool life and cutting quality. Paying close attention to machining during production to insure consistent, high quality parts. It is critical that the employee have a good sense for fabrication to minimize risk.




Day to day responsibilities include but are not limited to:


- Careful review of drawings, data, and programs required to successfully machine to customer requirements

- Operation and monitoring of machines during production runs

- Fastidious cleanliness of work area and machines during operation

- High degree of work ethic

- Adherence to company policy concerning paperwork and work instructions

- Notification of supervisor if errors or problems arise

- Honest, high quality approach to work

- Use of drawings and requirements to insure conformance to customer requirements

- Provide input on process decisions and strategies

- Completing documentation of the materials and processes used in the process to maintain traceability of product




Minimum qualifications for this position include:


-Team and Customer focused attitude

- Strong work ethic

- Strong trouble-shooting skills and the ability to think critically

- 7 year minimum experience setting up and operating on CNC machines

- Experience performing full set-ups, programs edits, and holding tolerances as tight as +/-.0001"

- Complete understanding of machine control management, including mastering of all machine code terminology and usage

- Awareness of cutting tool technology, using of inserts, and fixtures

- Complete understanding and awareness of measurement and inspection tool usage

- Complete understanding of work-holding strategies and usage

-  Ability to communicate application status both to department team to shop level associates, in terms of application status, issues, and requirements

- Must be able to work independently, but also demonstrate an ability to work productively within the department team

- Ability to read prints and update paperwork neatly, accurately, and in an organized manner

- Ability to increase the level of performance of peers and subordinates

- Familiarity of the AS9100C quality assurance system

- Education: High School diploma or higher




Compensation will be commensurate upon industry standard and level of experience.



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